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Efficiency Redefined

Say goodbye to laborious manual record analysis. Our AI-powered system significantly reduces the time spent on reviewing and organizing extensive medical records, enabling physicians and evaluators to focus on critical aspects of their practice.

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Precision and Accuracy

Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, our technology ensures meticulous analysis and organization of complex medical data, ensuring precision and accuracy in medical-legal evaluations.

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Save valuable resources and expenses with our efficient AI system. By automating tasks that traditionally demanded substantial time commitments, our technology is designed to optimize both time and financial resources.


QubitsML pioneers transformative technology utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), MLP as supervised Machine Learning algorithm and Generative AI to overhaul the medical legal landscape. This innovation accelerates record review, analysis, and report generation, empowering physicians to streamline QME, IME, or SIBTF reports efficiently.

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Our Mission

In the dynamic landscape of workers’ compensation and medical-legal evaluations, the examination of voluminous medical records has been an intricate and time-intensive process, burdening medical professionals with exhaustive tasks.

QubitsML was designed to efficiently process vast amounts of data, perform pattern recognition, highlight potential issues, offering speed and automation providing better decision making.

How Does It Work ?

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Data Parsing & Analysis

Machine Learning Integration

Automated Report Generation

QubitsML employs advanced algorithms to swiftly parse through extensive medical records. It identifies crucial information, categorizes data, and performs in-depth analysis, enabling rapid comprehension of complex medical data points within the records.

Through continuous learning, our AI system refines its capabilities. It adapts to varying medical-legal contexts, enhancing its ability to recognize patterns, extract key insights, and generate comprehensive reports with heightened accuracy and efficiency over time.

Once the analysis is complete, QubitsML seamlessly generates detailed and structured reports. These reports are tailored to meet medical-legal standards, providing concise summaries, crucial findings, and supporting evidence, empowering professionals with ready-to-use documentation for evaluations and proceedings.

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Responsible Physician
five star rating

Dr. Sean Shani

MD QME, General

Internal Medicine

"I used to spend hours manually preparing reports. With QubitsML, I can significantly streamline the QME report writing process, making it more manageable and ensuring accurate and timely evaluations. It's a game changer!"

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five star rating

Dr. Jane Robinson


General Orthopedics

“As a physician, I have had the pleasure of utilizing a remarkable technology like QubitsML that has truly revolutionized my practice. This technology seamlessly automates and streamlines the efficiency of generated reports for my medical-legal practice. It has saved me time and money, and I cannot praise it enough for its accuracy, ease of use, and reliability.”

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Our AI technology is a solution for medical legal evaluators. HIPAA-compliant, uses industry best practices, and doesn't store patient recordings.

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